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Be Activated Technique

Be Activated Technique is a fast and accurate method for pinpointing the root cause of breakdowns or dysfunctions in your clients’ bodies and prioritising which should be managed first.

Be Activated offers a powerful new understanding of the body. Using the Be Activated assessment and treatment principles you will see the incredible ability of the body to transform from a defensive, imploded state, into one that is powerful and explosive.

The techniques you’ll learn will change the way you work.


The Be Activated system starts by testing what your body is doing now, so that changes can be clearly seen, felt (by your client) and measured.

Is your body exploding with energy or collapsing and imploding?

This is assessed using simple muscle resistance, strength and flexibility tests. Primarily, we are seeking to know how much engagement (connection) there is between the brain and the muscles. This very importantly includes using a very simple method for assessing your clients breathing habits.

This step is absolutely critical to the ongoing alleviation of any aches, pains, injuries, & injury prevention.


Be Activated Zones

Using an intuitive 1, 2, 3 grading system, Be Activated clearly segments the body into 3 distinct zones that are simple and easily identifiable to both you and your clients.

The 1, 2, 3 sequencing concept becomes pivotal when we look to understand why a client's body is behaving a certain way.

In the practical session we will learn how to identify what pattern our client is running and what it can mean when we assess this against our client's presenting issue/s.


Be Activated Muscle Tests

Establishing specific neuromuscular firing patterns in your client's body is critical to alleviating pain and dysfunction or improving athletic performance. The Be Activated system teaches you 14 simple, Be Activated muscles tests.

These tests seek to reveal Defensive Patterning; Length-Tension Inhibitions; Compensatory Patterning; Kinetic Chain Function; Sling Pattern Function; Biotensegrity Continuity

You’ll learn to pinpoint dysfunction and plan your treatment quickly and efficiently when you embrace the quality of each movement pattern within each of the Be Activated Zones.

Learn exactly, the Be Activated System that teaches you 14 simple, Be Activated muscles tests.


Be Activated Activation Points

The Activation Points used in Be Activated are specific areas or regions that are targeted, based on our muscle tests, as part of the Be Activated treatment process.

The Activation Points are mapped out on the body with an easy reference guide throughout your course manual.

The Activation Points are in the same place on virtually everyone. The Activation Points are areas and regions that you’re already familiar with, but, may never have worked on (or been too afraid to touch)

Kudos from empowered attendees

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Learn 20 Activation Points 100%

"Trust and respect what you find ... "

"We were just blown away"

"Never seen anything like it"

"Absolute genius"

"Far exceeded my expectations"

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Learn 3 Be Activated Zones 100%

"It far exceeded my expectations"

"It's a rollercoaster ride!"

"It's definitely going to plug a lot of
holes in my practice"

"People have significant changes from
seemingly insignificant things"

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Learn 14 Muscle Tests 100%

"Something you have to see to believe"

"You won't believe the results you can get in such a short amount of time"

"You get more understanding & more confidence"

" ... the man has magnificent skills"

In Your Clinic, Studio or Practice, this means

Learn to pinpoint activated and inhibited muscles at their root cause

Empower your clients to understand where their dysfunction is stemming from

Quickly & easily plan treatments based on the results of each movement pattern within each Be Activated Zone

Plan follow-ups & enhance your client’s ability to self-practice

Repeatedly get predictable improvements with your clients

Prevent you from making clients’ aches, pains, or injuries worse

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